Whether you are an international organization involved in inbound transactions or a U..S. company looking to expand its outbound opportunities, you need a firm that can shoulder the heavy lifting with in-depth advice and expertise on tax laws and regulations in the jurisdictions that you are entering.


ICS’ international advisors have the expertise and technical knowledge required to deliver to individuals and businesses alike comprehensive tax planning, consulting and compliance services. Our engagement teams combine technical proficiency with genuine understanding of the U.S. and non-U.S. cultures and customs to help promote not just successful ventures but enduring relationships as well.


Our cross-border corporate clients rely on us for assistance with: 

  • International Tax Planning
  • Tax Return Compliance
  • FBAR Reporting
  • Income Tax Treaties Interpretation
  • Review of Corporate Holding Structures
  • Transfer Pricing Issues


And whether you are an American executive working abroad or a foreign executive in the U.S., our advisors can help reduce your tax burden and meet your tax responsibilities with the following specialized services:

  • Individual Tax Planning + Compliance
  • Investment Holding Structures
  • U.S. Taxation of Nonresident Investments
  • Estate + Gift Tax Treaties
  • Tax Equalization Plans
  • Social Security Taxation Issues