ICS advisors are highly knowledgeable about structuring business transactions, compliant business strategies, international taxation, reporting and compliance, investment and accounting concepts to successfully assist their clients navigate the various Employee-Based Visa Programs, whether they are a priority worker,  advanced degree professionals, skilled or unskilled workers.


Our services include:

  • Pre-Immigration Financial + Tax Planning + Assistance
  • New Entity Set-Up 
  • Economic Study
  • Projections
  • Accounting + Tax Reports


It is also possible to inadvertently become a U.S. tax resident by virtue of the substantial presence test. Simply stated, under the substantial presence test you can become a tax resident of the U.S. by spending too much time in the country. If this happens you could be subject to tax in the U.S. on your worldwide income as well as disclosure to the U.S. of certain foreign assets.