The complexity and constant changes of state and local laws and regulations can create confusion and difficulty for you and your business. ICS is committed to remaining informed of these changes as they happen. This is part of our commitment to remain proactive rather than reactive.


We focus on helping individuals and businesses navigate tax nuances. Combining highly-specific tax expertise and extensive experience, our advisors help ensure that tax matters are handled in a way that reflects a genuine understanding of your unique circumstances. We are relentlessly looking beyond to provide you with new opportunities. 


Our goal is to help you evaluate your tax strategies and ensure that you meet your tax obligations without paying more than you need to. 


Our services offered include:

  • Tax Compliance
  • Corporate Tax Reporting
  • Individual Tax Reporting
  • Payroll Tax
  • Planning + Consulting
  • Sales + Use
  • Multistate Payroll
  • Sales Tax Studies
  • Transactional Conformity with Federal Laws
  • Apportionment Analysis
  • Audit Defense + Representations
  • Credits + Incentives
  • Voluntary Disclosures